Buyers Have an Upcoming Home Appraisal? A home appraisal is a key part of many home sales, but many sellers make the process harder than it needs to be because they don’t know how to navigate the process, and their lack of knowledge can be frustrating to home appraisers. So, if it was up to appraisers, what advice would they give sellers […]
Buyers Tips for Selling Your Home “As Is” When you sell your home, many buyers will try to negotiate based on the property’s condition; for example, if they find out that the roof needs to be replaced during the home inspection, they could ask you to get the roof repaired before they move in, or knock the cost off of the home price. But just […]
Buyers It’s Important to Get Your Mortgage Pre-approval Updated, Especially In This Market If you’ve been searching for a house for any amount of time, you’re probably well aware of how important it is to get a mortgage pre-approval before you even start looking at houses, or at least as early on in the process as possible. But what might come as a surprise to you is that you should […]
Buyers Don’t Let These Misconceptions Prevent You From Buying a Home If you’d like to buy a home, but feel like it’s just not something you can actually do, there’s two things you should know. One — you’re not alone. And two — you might be wrong. There are certain misconceptions that prevent many people from pursuing homeownership. But the truth is, your dream of buying a home […]
Buyers The New Rules for Buying a Home in Today’s Market In today’s hyper-competitive market, the old rules for buying a home don’t always apply. So what, exactly, are the new rules, and how can you leverage them to buy your dream home? A recent article from realtor.com outlined the rules you need to follow if you want to successfully buy a home in today’s market, including: Prepare for a marathon. Finding a […]
Buyers Compete With All-Cash Offers But there are ways to help your offer stand out and increase your chances of getting your offer accepted, even if you’re up against all-cash offers. So how, exactly, do you do that? A recent article from realtor.com outlined tips buyers purchasing a home with a mortgage can use to compete with buyers coming in with all-cash offers, including: Determine […]
Buyers Getting Ready to Buy a Home? These Money Mistakes Could Cost You Your Mortgage You were approved for a mortgage. You put in an offer on your dream home, and it was accepted. You’re just weeks (or days!) away from closing. You’re in the clear, right? Wrong. Until you’ve closed on your mortgage, there are a number of financial mistakes you can make that could cost you your home. So what, exactly, […]
Buyers Don’t Let These “What If’s” Stop You From Buying a Home Buying a home is a serious investment, which is why many would-be buyers get caught up in all the “what ifs” of things that could go wrong, and ultimately let those fears stop them from buying their dream home. But the truth is, most “what ifs” have a logical explanation, and don’t have to derail your dreams […]
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Buyers Top Fears Buyers Have about Mortgages Buying a home can be exciting, but it can also be scary. And for some potential buyers, the scariest part of the homebuying process is getting a mortgage. But what, exactly, are they afraid of? A recent article from realtor.com outlined some of home buyers’ biggest mortgage-related fears, including: Not having enough cash for a down payment. Many home buyers […]
Buyers Tips for Staging a Small Home When you show your home, you want to make sure that the property is as appealing as possible to potential buyers, and that includes proper staging. But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to staging; if you want to stage your home effectively, you have to do so in a way that works for your specific home — and […]
Buyers Hudson Wisconsin The real estate market in Hudson, Wisconsin, is generally considered to be strong and stable. Hudson is located just across the St. Croix River from Minnesota, making it a popular residential area for people who work in the Twin Cities. Here are some key points about the real estate market in Hudson: Housing options: Hudson offers […]
Buyers What Is A Mortgage? Whatever line of work you’re in, there are probably some fairly common terms you’re used to hearing and saying that an outsider may not know. They may be so basic to you that you can’t even imagine how somebody wouldn’t know what it is, even if they aren’t in your field. For instance, the word “mortgage” is […]
Buyers FHA Loans vs. Conventional Loans If you’re buying a home there’s a good chance you’ll need a mortgage to make a purchase. But not all mortgages are created equal. Depending on your situation — for example, your credit score and how much you have for a down payment — you might have a variety of loan options available to you, including conventional […]
Buyers Late Making a Mortgage Payment? It’s extremely important to pay your mortgage on time every month. But sometimes, things don’t work out that way, and you may not have the cash needed to pay your mortgage when it’s due. So what, exactly, happens if you’re late making a mortgage payment? A recent article from realtor.com answered common questions around what happens if […]
Buyers Thousands Of Agents Are Leaving. Will Your Favorite Real Estate Agent Survive? Real estate often seems like a fun, easy, high-paying career to outsiders. But it seems even more appealing to people when the market is hot, like it had been over the past few years. Couple that with a pandemic that caused people to either lose their jobs or simply look for something they’d rather do for a […]
Buyers How to Deal With a Lowball Offer And Transform It Into an Offer You’re Excited to Accept When you’re selling your home, there are few things more exciting than receiving an offer… unless that offer is way, way below what you were asking (and hoping!) for. But a lowball offer isn’t the end of the world! With the right approach, you may be able to take that lowball offer and turn it into an offer […]
Buyers Things to Keep In Mind If Your Down Payment Is Below, At, or over 20% Generally, 20 percent is considered a standard down payment for a home. But just because 20 percent is the standard doesn’t mean that every homeowner puts 20 percent down when buying a home. There are many buyers out there that successfully purchase a home with less than a 20 percent down payment, as well as many buyers who […]
Buyers Selling Your Home? Some Tasks To Add To Your To-Do List Getting ready to sell your home can feel like a whirlwind. There’s so many things to do, and while you’re likely to check all the major tasks off your to-do list — like cleaning and getting your listing photos taken — there are some smaller tasks that might fall through the cracks. But those small to-do’s can […]
Buyers Focus on WHAT Your Buyer’s Offer Is, Not WHO They Are There can be some emotional attachment when people sell a house, since it was usually the person’s home. So it’s understandable that a homeowner might want to know that the buyer is someone who’s going to love and appreciate their home moving forward, which is why many buyers have written so-called “love letters” to go along […]
Buyers What Homebuyers Need to Know About Rent-Back Agreements When you find a home you’re interested in, you want to do everything you can to make your offer stand out and grab the seller’s attention. And, in certain situations, that might include a rent-back agreement. In certain situations, rent-back agreements can help to “sweeten the deal” and increase the likelihood that the seller will choose your […]