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Go to favorites Buying a Home? You Might Want to Consider Compromising on These Things

In a perfect world, every buyer would be able to find a home that ticked every single one of their “must-have” and “nice-to-have” boxes. The truth is, it’s rare to find a property that has everything on your list, and if you want to successfully buy a home, it often takes a bit of compromise.

But what kind of compromises should you be prepared to make, so you don’t miss an amazing home by waiting around for the perfect home?

A recent article from outlined compromises buyers may want to consider when buying a home, including:

Location. Most people have location preferences for where they live. For example, you might want to be within walking distance of restaurants and shops. But if you find a home that doesn’t quite meet your location standards — like the home is a 10-minute drive to restaurants and shops, instead of walkable — but it’s amazing in every other way, it might make sense to compromise.

Yard size. Many homeowners have very specific ideas about their ideal yard, such as wanting a big yard for their kids to play in, or a backyard with a pool and hot tub. But if you hold out to find the yard of your dreams, you may actually miss the home of your dreams, if you aren’t willing to compromise.

Specific architecture. Some buyers picture themselves living in a very specific architecture style, like a Craftsman or Colonial, and will refuse to see any homes that don’t have a particular style they have in mind. But if you’re only looking at Craftsmans or Colonials, you could be missing out on a Ranch or Modern Farmhouse-style property that would actually be a great fit for your needs. So when it comes to architectural style, it might be in your best interest to compromise.

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