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Selling Your Home? Don’t Tell These Lies

In some situations, telling white lies or omitting the truth can be relatively harmless. But selling a home is definitely not one of those situations.

Lying to potential buyers during the home sale process can put your deal in jeopardy, even if the lie seems insignificant.

So, which lies do you want to avoid telling?

Well, besides any of them, a recent article from outlined some of the specific “half-truths” you never want to say when selling your home, including:

“All the appliances are in working order.” The working condition of your appliances may seem like a minor detail, but “minor” details can put your home sale at risk, so you never want to say an appliance is working when it’s not. Be honest and upfront about any issues — for example, a faulty microwave or a leaky dishwasher.

“This neighborhood is so peaceful.” A neighborhood is often as big of a selling point as a home and, as such, you may want to embellish how peaceful your neighborhood is. But if there have been any neighborhood disputes — even minor ones, like a noise complaint — as a seller, it’s your responsibility to tell any potential buyers.

“All our renovations are permitted.” When you remodel your home, most cities and towns require you to get certain permits. But many homeowners fail to pull the proper permits, and then lie about it when selling their home. If you did remodeling work without a permit, you’ll want to be honest about it from the get-go; otherwise, if the buyers find out during the home inspection process, it could make them question what else you’re lying about, which could make them back out.